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About us

How nice that you have discovered De Zonnebrug - holiday home and B&B!
This is our passion, which we have fully embraced in recent years and which we have been proud to introduce to you for several years now.
For many years we had been secretly in love with the dikes and creeks area of ​​the Meetjesland. But it took a while before we found what we were looking for in Sint-Jan-in Eremo. You must already be from the region to indicate this district of Sint-Laureins on the map. A forgotten "silence" area in the Meetjesland. Someone told us that the landscape, which seems endless, is like looking at the sea. He was right, a few centuries ago the sea did indeed reach the St-Jansdijk, where the house now stands. The dikes, the rich polder soil, the creeks and some place names are silent witnesses to that past.

Our own dyke house: that was something we had dreamed of for years and which we have been able to count as ours since 2011! But that dream soon became a reality, and the reality of planning, renovating, working and searching for the right materials followed each other in quick succession ... and still follows us ever since ... and look ...

Now, so many years later, we are the happy owners of a beautifully restored dyke house and we are proud that we have been able to fulfill our dream - with a little more realism than then of course - develop and furnish our own B&B and holiday home; both with a lot of character and authenticity that offers people a feeling of warmth, hospitality, homeliness and luxury.
With our love for tasteful interiors, an interest in lifestyle and design in rural homes and the constant pursuit of the cozy homeliness of a warm home for our guests, we wanted to create something unique. When furnishing our guesthouse, De Zonnebrug, all this came together in a unique total experience in an attractive house and B&B.
Give yourself and your loved ones a touch of warmth, luxury and coziness. If our house and the rooms in the B&B can provide you with pleasant experiences, happy memories that connect and endearing moments, then we are a happy host and hostess.

Welcome to this unique guesthouse and holiday home!
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