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Gastronomy and culture

Tucked away in the countryside you can dine well and of high quality. For the tasty local cuisine you can enjoy at local restaurants such as De Warande, Freds cafe, De Roste Muis, Carpe Diem,  ... The portions are generous and of high quality; the products that are used are often local.

The well-known border city of Sluis is just a stones throw away from St-Jan -in-Eremo. This pleasant and attractive shopping city is for years and years already known for its Burgundian atmosphere. The rich past, in combination with the many shops, restaurants and cafes ensure a huge attraction. The shops and restaurants are open 7 days a week.  Next to the starred restaurant La Trinite is a very diverse range of snack bars and  good food restaurants.

In Sluis, near to the Belgian border, you can enjoy the warm Flemish atmosphere.

Pure C, the cozy Resto Bar of top chef Sergio Herman is in Cadzand, on a 20 kilometer of The Zonnebrug. Cadzand-bath is the most southern beach resort of The Netherlands. The wide beach exerts an irresistible attraction to young and old. We'll never be bored.

Philippine, the city of the mussels, lies at 14 km of our guest house. The city used to be a well known harbour of mussels.  This water was particularly suited to mussels to breed.

Aardenburg is located 12 km from our stay. It is one of the oldest inhabited places in The Netherlands and Flanders. Many Roman discoveries of the city make an archeological topper.